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Can I buy directly from IRIS USA, Inc?
Yes, you can! Please see

Can I sell IRIS USA, Inc products in my store?
If you are a retailer that is looking to sell our IRIS USA product, we'd love to hear from you. Contact our Customer Service Department at 800-320-4747. They will provide the required forms and answer any questions you have.

I have checked your retailer list and I still cannot find one who sells the product I am looking for.
What should I do?

Our Customer Service Department can assist you with this. Please provide as much detail as possible (item name, size, color, etc.) when contacting them.

Can I get a catalog?
Yes, PDF catalogs are available for download here.

What material is used in the production of your plastic products?
Our plastic products are made of Polypropylene.

Is Polypropylene BPA free?
Yes, Polypropylene is BPA free.

Is Polypropylene Acid free?
Yes, Polypropylene is Acid free

What is the recycling code for your plastic products?
Our products are recycle code 5.

Why don't you have the recycle number on all of your products?
As we modify our molds, we are adding the recycle number to the molds. This is an ongoing project.

Where is your product made?
The majority of our plastic containers are made in the USA.

Is it safe to store your products outside in direct sunlight and/or in freezing temperatures?
While there are too many variables to test all conditions, we suggest that you do not store our product in extreme conditions. It should be stored at ambient temperatures.

How do you measure your product?
All of our products are measured using the exterior dimensions, with the lid, if applicable.

  • Casters are NOT included in the height measurement of our products. A caster will add approximately 1.875” to the height of our product.
  • If the container tapers, the largest measurement is shown in our catalog, published online, and printed on the label.